vegetable croquettes



Are you a vegan, but you do love croquettes? Or just fond of vegetable croquettes? Then we have good news for you: today we’re making healthy croquettes with a vegetable filling

What goes in it? Well, basically everything you like! We use cauliflower, onion, bell pepper, spinach, and carrot for this recipe. You really get that delicious vegetable croquette feeling from it.  As mentioned, we don’t use a deep fryer, but a hot air fryer. because it is so easy to use and you can make anything in it: not only croquettes but also fries, fish, meat, and even muffins! Everything gets just as crispy as in a deep fryer, but with almost no oil. A lot healthier!


1 vegetable stock cube

1 half bell pepper

2 carrots

6 mushrooms

1 quarter cauliflower

1 onion

2 hands fresh spinach

90 g butter

1 tuft fresh parsley

120 g wheat flour + extra

4 eggs

150 g coarse breadcrumbs


“If you want to freeze the croquettes, it is best to do this immediately after you have rolled the croquettes through the breadcrumbs. Do let them thaw again for a while before deep-frying them.”


Bring a pan of 500 ml water to a boil and dissolve the stock cube in it.

Roughly chop the bell pepper, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, and onion.

Add the chopped vegetables along with the fresh spinach to the stock and cook for 20 minutes until soft.

Scoop the vegetables out of the pan and grind them in a food processor. Put the broth aside (you’ll need it later).

Melt the butter in a pan on the fire.

In the meantime, finely chop the parsley.

Add the wheat flour to the melted butter and mix well, so that you get a roux.

Then add the stock in small spurts (there should be about 300 ml left) and keep stirring. Wait until the broth is absorbed before you add another dash.

Stir the parsley together with the vegetable puree through the roux and season it with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Then put the mixture in the freezer for 1 hour to stiffen.

Separate the eggs and whisk the egg whites together with a dash of oil in a small bowl.

Put some extra wheat flour on a deep plate and the breadcrumbs on another plate.

Take the cooled mixture out of the refrigerator and knead about 10 croquettes from it.

Pass the croquettes first through the flour, then through the egg white, and finally through the breadcrumbs. Do this again for all the croquettes, so that they get a nice thick crust.

Preheat the hot air fryer to 200 degrees.

Brush the croquettes with a little oil and place them in the basket of the fryer. Fry the croquettes for 8 minutes until done, turning them halfway through so that they become evenly browned.

Remove the croquettes from the basket and serve immediately!