Just a few days ago, the last of the gray and white slush was melting away on the streets outside, and here I am at the end of February, sipping a fruity, sparkling, non-alcoholic mango mojito. Winter Rebellion. So slowly I have hot cocoa and Kinderpunsch namely over, still they look almost as dreary as the current view out the window. So let’s get a little summer back into the glass and feverishly await the end of this season, right? Yes, okay – temperature-wise it’s all a bit more fun at 25 degrees and bright sunshine, of course. Above all, the sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass is a lot more pleasant than that of ice scrapers scraping over frozen car windows, but a cocktail like this goes well even when the heating is on four.

However, if you’re glad that your hands are warm at all after the cold months and you therefore don’t like to drink this cocktail with its ice cubes with gloves on, then try it hot (without ice cubes, of course)! Usually you drink a mojito with rum, mineral water, lime juice, lots of cane sugar, mint and what feels like half a kilo of ice. However, I like non-alcoholic cocktails much better – not only because you can drink more of them and still feel good the next day, but also because you can experiment wonderfully with different juices, which is also visually a blast. So for the Mojito, I left out the alcohol and instead of cane sugar, I pureed a mango, which makes the cocktail (actually, it’s now a “mock “tail – a cocktail without alcohol) pleasantly sweet and gives it a nice sunny yellow color to boot. The mint must not be missing in the Mojito of course and gives a refreshing taste, add a squeeze of lime juice, pour everything with mineral water and it’s ready. If you like it sweeter or a touch spicier, try the version with ginger ale or tonic water.

For 500ml (2 glasses)

1 ripe mango
12 fresh mint leaves
juice of a small lime
500ml mineral water (medium or sparkling), alternatively mixed with ginger ale or tonic
ice cubes to taste

non-alcoholic mango mojito
Peel the mango, carefully separate the flesh from the core and finely puree in a blender with the lime juice and mint leaves. Then divide between two glasses and pour on cold mineral water. If you like it sweeter or a bit spicier, you can also use ginger ale or tonic instead of the mineral water or mix them with the mineral water. Finally, add a few ice cubes and garnish with mint.