Healthy chocolate cake – VEGAN




It’s nearly Mother’s Day, time to share a healthy cake with you! Each mother gets proud of a delicious cake, right? I do know a minimum of my mother are terribly proud of it, as a result if she loves chocolate. Particularly the mixture of chocolate and recent raspberries is actually delicious during this cake. Moreover, this healthy cake is additionally vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and contains no refined sugars. Thus, any mother, spouse or grandma will fancy it.

Healthy cake for Mother’s Day

Then back to the present delicious healthy cake. As you have return to expect from ME, this cake is totally No-Goodness-proof. The lowest is formed of almond flour, oatmeal, oil and syrup. Simply grind it in an exceedingly kitchen appliance and you are able to go. The creamy chocolate filling is formed with coconut milk, chocolate, syrup and cinnamon. Check that you employ the fat coconut milk from a will, that manner this chocolate direction are nice and creamy. I additionally used chocolate with seventieth Theobroma cacao, as a result of otherwise I in person found it too dark in style. However, in fact that’s entirely up to you. Okay enough chatting, time to create this Mother’s Day cake!

This healthy cake for Mother’s Day is:

100% vegan
Free of refined sugars

(For one cake, diameter twenty cm)
125 grams almond flour
200 grams protein free oatmeal
60 grams of oil
4 tablespoons syrup
Pinches of salt

Chocolate filling
300 metric capacity unit canned coconut milk
125 grams seventieth chocolate
1 tablespoon syrup
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch of salt

Handful of recent raspberries
Handful of recent mint

Food processor
2 saucepans
Quiché kind with removable bottom (diameter twenty cm)

Preparation — preparation time: quarter-hour + three hours to line
1. Soften the oil in an exceedingly pan.

2. Place the ingredients for the bottom along within the kitchen appliance and grind in an exceedingly jiffy till a fine mixture.

3. Unfold the mixture over the lowest of the Quiché kind. Initial press the edges well and check that you have got a foothold 0.5 a centimeter thick. Work your thanks to the middle of the pie and press everything down well along with your hands. Then place it within the icebox.

4. Heat the coconut milk in an exceedingly pan and add the cinnamon. Stir well.

5. Chop the chocolate into items.

6. Place the coconut milk with cinnamon, chocolate and syrup along within the mixer and mix for many minutes till you have got a creamy chocolate mixture. Let cool for five minutes so pour over the lowest of the mildew.

7. Place the cake within the icebox and let it set for a minimum of three hours (or overnight). Garnish the cake with recent raspberries and mint before serving.