Chicken with basil (Thai)




4 or more chicken legs

15 Thai basil leaves

2 tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon ginger powder (or fresh)

2 tablespoons of soy

2 tablespoons of fish

1 teaspoon of powdered sugar



1 red pepper (optional)


1- Cut the chicken into small pieces.

2- Mince the onion, garlic and gimgembre (if fresh), finely chop the Thai basil and set aside.

3- In a pot, heat the oil for a few seconds and then brown the onions until they are golden brown, then add the ginger and pepper. Mix well.

4- Add the chicken, cook and stir to prevent it from sticking.

5- When the chicken is cooked, add the soy sauce and fish sauce as well as the sugar.

6- Mix.

7- Add the garlic, the chillia pepper from which you have removed the seeds for a less spicy taste and the Thai basil, stir and cook for another 5 min on low heat.

8- Serve with plain rice.

9- Enjoy your meal.