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Chocolate and hazelnuts. Together, these two ingredients form a truly golden duo, a duo that many people love very much. Me too. I don't really care in which form this delightful combination appears on my plate: as bonbons, cupcakes, a cake(s) or as a chocolate hazelnut paste, it's all equally delicious. But recently a very tasty chocolate hazelnut treat appeared on my cake plate: this chocolate hazelnut cake. Yes, I admit, you've wasted quite a bit of time making it, but the result is fantastic.

The cake consists of two layers of light chocolate cookie and two slices of hazelnut-dacquoise (meringue) with a filling of creamy hazelnut butter cream and beaten chocolate ganache in between.

The cake is finished with a layer of ganache and decorated with coarsely chopped hazelnuts, which provide a delicious bite. All this makes this cake something that both I and my tasting panel simply couldn't get rid of. With every bite it was really pure enjoyment.

Tip: it is very handy to use a (rotating) cake tray. It's easier to put together the cake on the plateau and smooth out the buttercream.


- 390 g roasted hazelnuts + extra for decoration
- 515 g fine granulated sugar
- 2 tbsp cornstarch
- 5 proteins + 120 g (approx. 4 proteins)
- ¼ tbsp tartaric acid
- 3 eggs
- 3 egg yolks + 120 g (approx. 5 to 6 egg yolks)
- 6 sachets of vanilla sugar
- 860 g butter
- 120 g powdered sugar
- 6 tbsp Frangelico + extra to cover the chocolate cookie
- 45 g flower
- 30 g cocoa powder
- 75 g hazelnut flour (finely ground roasted hazelnuts)
- 525 g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
- 490 ml whipped cream

Extra requirements
Baking trays, baking paper, spring form of 23 centimeter diameter, food processor, piping bags, smooth nozzles, spatula, round piece of cardboard of 24 centimeter diameter, cake grid, cling film

Time (approximately)

> 120 minutes preparation, 125 minutes oven, > 2 hours waiting

- First make the dacquoise-disks.
- Preheat the hot air oven to 105°C (normally I use the conventional oven setting, but because I now put 2 baking trays in the oven at the same time, the hot air oven setting is the best choice).

- Put 140 g roasted hazelnuts together with 60 g fine granulated sugar and the cornstarch in a food processor. Grind into a fine powder in about 1 minute. Do not grind the nuts too long: no oil should be released.

- Draw 2 circles with a diameter of 22 centimeters on 2 sheets of baking paper (i.e. 1 circle on each sheet). Put the sheets of paper upside down on the baking sheets. Now you can still see the drawn circles, inside you will spray the protein foam.

- Beat 5 egg whites with the tartaric acid to fairly stiff peaks. Then, little by little, beat in 140 g of fine granulated sugar.
- Beat the mixture for another 1 minute, until the egg whites are stiff and shiny.
- Put the egg whites in a large bowl and spoon the nut mixture through with a rubber spatula.
- Spoon the mixture into a piping bag with a smooth nozzle.
- Spray the foam on the sheets of baking paper from the inside out in a spiral in a circle.
- Smooth the circles with a knife.
- Bake the discs hard, crispy and light brown in about 1 ½ hours. They should be firm in the middle. If the discs become too brown, turn the oven temperature down to 90°C.
- Turn off the oven and let the discs cool down in a closed oven.

- In the meantime, make a nut paste.
Put 250 g roasted hazelnuts in a food processor and let the machine run until you get a smooth paste.
- Make the cream au beurre.
Beat 3 eggs, 3 egg yolks, 225 g fine granulated sugar and 6 bags of vanilla sugar in a large heat-resistant bowl.
- Beat the egg mixture au bain-marie until it becomes a light and creamy cream, which runs like a thick ribbon off your whisk(s).
- Place the bowl in a bowl with ice-cold water and beat the egg mixture until it is cold.
- In a bowl, gently stir 750 g butter at room temperature and add 120 g powdered sugar.
- Beat until the butter is soft and fluffy.
- Mix the cooled egg mixture little by little into the butter mixture. Stir the cream until smooth before adding another part of the egg mixture.
- Beat the nut paste and 3 tablespoons of Frangelico through the butter cream.
- Cover the bowl with cling film and refrigerate until use.

- Make the chocolate cookie.
- Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease the bottom of the 23 centimeter diameter spring form with butter and cover with baking paper.
- Melt 45 g butter.
- Beat 120 g egg yolks with 45 g fine granulated sugar lightly and creamy.
- Over another bowl, sieve 45 g flour together with the cocoa powder and then mix in the hazelnut flour.
- Beat 120 g egg whites with 45 g fine granulated sugar until stiff. Add the sugar slowly while beating.
- Mix about 1/3 of the whipped egg whites through the whipped egg yolks.
- Gently fold in the flour mixture.
- Fold in the rest of the egg whites and finally the melted butter.
- Pour the batter into the springform and bake the cookie for about 35 minutes in the middle of the preheated oven.
- The cookie is ready when you gently press your finger into it and the cookie springs back.
- Let the cookie cool down in the mould and then carefully remove the mould.

- Remove the buttercream from the fridge and let it reach room temperature. Beat it well for a while.

- Make a chocolate ganache.
Put 225 g coarsely chopped dark chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl.
- Bring 240 ml of whipped cream to the boil and pour it over the chocolate.
- Leave the mixture to stand for a few minutes until the chocolate has melted.
- Smooth the ganache and stir in 3 tablespoons of Frangelico.
- Beat the ganache with a hand mixer until it is lightly colored and firm.

- Place a round piece of cardboard of 24 centimeters diameter in front of you.
- Cut the chocolate cookie in half horizontally. If necessary, cut a very thin layer from the top if it is round, so that the cookie becomes flat. Keep the smooth bottom layer behind to use as the top. This makes it easier to spread the buttercream.
- Put the top layer of cookie on the piece of cardboard.
- Brush this layer generously with Frangelico.
- Spoon the buttercream in a piping bag with a large smooth nozzle. Spray a nice layer of cream in a spiral on the cake.
- Put 1 dacquoise-disk on top and divide the beaten chocolate ganache over it. Smooth the ganache with a spatula.  
- Place the second dacquoise-disk on top and spray in a spiral of buttercream.
- Put the bottom layer of cookie on top of the buttercream and brush generously with Frangelico.
- Divide the remaining butter cream over the cake. Smooth the top and side.
- Place the cake in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes, so that the buttercream becomes firm and the cake can get cold well.

- In the meantime, make a warm ganache.
- Put 300 g coarsely chopped dark chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl.
- Bring 250 ml of whipped cream to the boil and add it to the chocolate.
- Leave the mixture to stand for a few minutes until the chocolate has melted.
- Stir the ganache smoothly and add 65 g butter in small cubes (at room temperature). Keep stirring until the butter has melted.
- Leave the ganache to cool for 4-5 minutes, so that it thickens and sticks better to the cake.

- Take the cake out of the fridge and place it on a grid above a clean baking tray.
- Check the temperature of the hot ganache. It should feel warm, but not too hot, otherwise the butter cream will melt.
- Pour the ganache over the cake until it is completely covered.
- Let the ganache harden for about 30 minutes.
- Decorate the cake as desired with, for example, coarsely chopped roasted hazelnuts.

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