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Airy chocolate malteser cake


With such a showstopper on my own birthday I also lit my little brother. For his 20th birthday he wanted a surprising cake. As I'm sure you know by now, he loves chocolate. So there was no doubt that there would be another flavor of cake. More than once my eye had fallen on such a m&m cake where you can see a kind of waterfall of m&m's coming down on the cake. After I suggested this to him he didn't feel much for it, I think he thought it was a bit too much of a fuss. Preferably just chocolate, he said, and I quickly abandoned this idea. 

I thought it would be a nice challenge to come up with a chocolate cake that wasn't as potent as my own. This classic looking chocolate cake with layers and maltesers as topping seemed like something to him. The nice thing about this Malteser cake is that it is not as mighty. With airy maltesers as topping, whipped cream with some chocolate shavings as filling and an airy chocolate cookie as base, this is really a topper!

What do you need:

For the cookie

- 7 eggs size M at room temperature

- 135 grams flower

- 15 grams of cocoa powder

- 180 grams of fine granulated sugar

- 90 grams melted butter


For the filling

- 350 ml whipped cream

- 100 grams finely chopped chocolate

- 4 tbsp sugar

For the decoration

- 250 grams maltesers

- 150 grams of dark chocolate

- 150 grams whipped cream


Preparation method

Start making the cookie. This must be well cooled down before you continue with the cake. Prepare your cake tin, I do it myself on the bottom and on the sides of my baking tin (for this recipe 22cm) baking paper. I loosen the bottom and put strips of paper on the sides, so I'm sure it will come out nicely. I make the papers a bit higher than the existing edge. In this way my cookie can rise until it can't, without messing. Also preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.


Split the eggs and beat the egg whites with half the sugar lightly to firm peaks. Make sure your bowl is fat free. I always put a piece of kitchen paper with some lemon juice through the bowl to make sure there is no trace of fat in the bowl. Mix the egg yolks with the remaining sugar in a bowl over a water bath au bain marie. By beating and lightly warming the yellow color changes to a nice light yellow and the mixture becomes lumpy. It's ready when you can form an 8 with your whisk and batter, where the beginning is just gone when you've finished the last loop. 


Melt the butter and leave it until it is at room temperature. Sieve your cocoa and flour first separately and then together to prevent lumps. Add half of this mixture to the egg yolks and mix until you see no more flour/cacao. Then you may add half of the egg whites and spatula this into a smooth mixture. Add the remaining flour / cocoa and mix again until you no longer see any dry ingredients. Now spatula the remaining egg whites through the batter to make it nice and airy again. Finally add the melted butter, slowly spatula it through without losing too much air.


When it's mixed evenly fill your baking tin and tap the tin a couple of times on your sink so all the big air bubbles disappear. Bake the cookie in a 22cm mould for about 40-45 minutes. If you take a 24cm mould, after 35 minutes check if your cookie is done, by checking at the end of the 35 minutes if a skewer comes out of the middle clean and dry.


It's important to let your cookie cool down well, to dip it directly from the mould on a cake rack after baking. When doing so, remove all the baking paper so that all sides can cool down well. If you don't do this and leave your cookie in the mould for too long, it will sink in the middle and you'll get a wet spot on the top of your cake. When it has cooled down completely, cut it into 3 layers and make the ganache. Heat the whipped cream with the chocolate in the microwave in pots of 30 seconds. Stir every 30 seconds until you see that the chocolate is melting. Stir it with the whisk until you see a smooth dark chocolate mass that is quite liquid. Let it thicken a bit at room temperature, so it sticks nicely to the cake.


Beat your whipped cream firmly with the sugar and mix in the fine chocolate shavings by hand. Fill your layers and stack them back together again. Press it equally well with each layer, so it stands even. Make sure the layers of whipped cream come to the outside and there are no holes. Fill them up a bit. Brush it with the remaining whipped cream on the sides, so you don't have any grooves or holes on the side. Also lubricate the top of the cookie a bit, so the ganache can flow nicely. Let it stiffen up a bit in the fridge, so it won't slide when the ganache is poured over the cake.

Put your cake on a rack with a baking tray or mould underneath and carefully pour the ganache over it. Make sure you don't skip any spots. Because your cake is on a rack, the excess ganache can be removed in your baking tray or mould underneath. Then gently press the maltesers in a playful way and carefully stack a two layer of maltesers. Leave the cake to set in the fridge for at least an hour, so that the ganache becomes nicely firm.

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