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9 facts about cats you may not know!


You either love cats, or you find them almost creepy. Learning more about them could be helpful either way.

Here are 9 amazing facts about cats that you probably haven't heard before!

1. cats don't taste anything sweet

Even though cats and humans sometimes have pretty similar behavior patterns, house cats are not equally attracted to sugar and other sweet treats.

2. cats (usually) only meow at humans

Communication among cats is very much through body language. Exception: communication between mother and offspring

3. studies suggest that cats are actually lactose intolerant

I know, it sounds crazy. Most people will know cats that literally crave milk. Yet science seems to have found that they should avoid milk.

4. cats can smell 14 times better than humans

The sense of smell is their strongest sense, they use it to orient themselves and recognize people and objects.

5. cats sweat exclusively through their paws.

Imagine regulating your body temperature only through your hands and feet....

Good luck!

6. 70% of a cat's life is spent sleeping.

Here you go. And our cats don't even feel bad about sleeping the day away like we humans do.

7. cats are usually left-handed

Unlike humans, the majority of cats seem to be left-handed, according to various studies

8. kittens from one litter can have different fathers

If this were the case with humans, there would definitely be some surprises in the hospital!

9. the average cat can jump about 2.5 meters high

That's almost 6 times their height!

That's about like a human being being being able to jump to the second floor. Would actually be quite handy...

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